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What is Eco Warrior Awards? ​

In the heart of India’s vast forests, there exist unsung heroes – the Indian Forest Service officers. These eco-warrior dedicate their lives to forest conservation, wildlife protection, and sustainable development. Indian Masterminds proudly introduces the Eco Warrior Award to recognize their remarkable contributions. 

This annual accolade aims to fill a void that has long existed in the national recognition landscape. By instituting the Eco Warrior Award, we not only honor these exemplary individuals but also provide them with a platform to showcase their achievements. Join us on November 3rd at the All India Radio Auditorium, Sansad Marg, as we celebrate these extraordinary individuals and support their noble cause. Don’t miss this chance to join us in honoring their achievements!

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Who are Eco Warrior

Our beautiful planet Earth’s eco-warrior are none other than our IFS Officers, who serve as passionate advocates for the planet’s well-being. The Indian Forest Service stands as one of the three All India Services of the Government of India, alongside the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service. After successfully conquering the UPSC challenge, choosing the IFS as a career path is no ordinary decision. 

Those who opt for the Indian Forest Service have a unique love for nature, a profound sense of responsibility toward our planet, and a fervent passion for initiating sustainable and beneficial changes for both humankind and the Earth.” 

These IFS Officers are dedicated individuals actively engaged in promoting environmental conservation, sustainability, and the battle against climate change. Armed with knowledge and a profound sense of responsibility, eco warrior champion various causes, ranging from the preservation of biodiversity to the dissemination of awareness about pressing environmental issues.

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